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Feedback from clients

MS says:
Thanks to your advice yesterday, my hand is amazingly improved today - I've still got a very sore point on it, but have all movement & most strength back in it too..... Big thank you.

VS says:
This is the first morning I have woken up without a headache for ages! Yeah! Thank you!

BN says:
Thank you very much for the massage yesterday. I felt and feel really good today.

JR says:
Reiki was FAB. I felt so much better but really knackered.

VS says:
U do hav the knack of making me feel quite fabulous! Thank u. X

TP says:
Just wanted to say thanks for the treatment last night. It's definitely helped and eased the aching a lot.

AP says:
Got my best time of 55 mins! Thx to your massage!

SC says:
Thanx 4 yesterday feels loads better ;-)

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