Sports and Remedial Massage with Nick Hall

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FAQs and information

What about confidentiality? All discussions and treatments are completely confidential. Information would only be released to other parties, such as Doctors, with the express permission of the patient, or if required by law. Nick Hall is registered under the Data Protection Act.

Is my modesty assured? Absolutely, at all times. Massage is a hands-on therapy and the patient will typically be required to disrobe to underwear (in private) for treatment to take place. However towels will always be in place at all times and any treatment is only ever with the patient's permission. If a patient has concerns then they may bring a chaperone for support.

What personal information is required? Medical details are required to ensure that it is safe for the patient to undergo treatment. Some conditions may mean that massage is inappropriate. If in any doubt-please call to discuss.

How many sessions will I need? This is absolutely dependent on the patient's individual problem. The best treatment regime and estimates will be discussed with the patient at every stage. Unfortunately long-term problems cannot always be cured overnight. Often, after resolving the initial problem, a regular maintenance treatment is advised; like a regular car service.

What is the cost of treatment? Please see "How much does it cost?".

How long is a session? A typical treatment lasts just under an hour.

Are home visits available? Under some circumstances but there may be an extra charge.

Are the treatments up-to-date? Nick regularly attends courses and conferences to ensure that his knowledge remains current. The LCSP require CPD (continuing professional development) as part of their conditions for membership.

Are you insured? Nick carries full liability insurance.

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