Sports and Remedial Massage with Nick Hall

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Sports Massage

Sports Massage includes all the elements of Remedial Massage but with the extra focus, advice, help and support to get athletes back to peak performance and keep them there.

And you don't have to be an international hurdler, triathlete or channel swimmer to benefit from Sports Massage. All sports men and women, whatever your level, place unusual demands on the body. Any repeated strenuous activity can cause similar problems to sport. Modern theatre productions can place big demands on the actors, for example.

With Sports Massage the extra elements, over and above Remedial Massage, include:

  * Reduce muscular pain following training or competition

  * Early identification of potential problem areas prior to traumatic failure

  * Improve muscle extensibility and joint flexibility

  * Optimise injured tissue repair

  * Pre-event massage to reduce injury risk and improve performance

  * Post-event massage to improve recovery times

  * Assisted stretching

  * Support and advice

  * Nutritional guidance

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